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Our annual careers fair will take place on 23rd September (8:30am -12:15) Students will receive information about this in advance. For more information contact Nazmin Din, Community Team on 01274779662. Our Parent Information Evenings take place on 15th 16th & 18th September (6:15pm). The events are designed to answer address any questions parents / carers may have and provide with essential information about students' education including assessment, examinations and how to support them through the academic year.

Grange Technology College

We are now celebrating our 4th year in the new campus and our 2nd year as an Academy, having joined with Southfield School under a Single Trust, Multi-Academy Model, co-located at the Southfield Grange Campus. We are proud of the achievements of our students and staff, who, in the modern learning facilities provided by the new campus, have adapted well to their new learning environment.  

Mr Bell and studentsThe summer holiday was, as ever, an exciting time for the school and our community, as  students awaited their examination results.  We are proud of the achievements of our students, many of whom put in a great deal of commitment, effort and dedication to make results day a happy occasion.  This summer there were some real success stories here at Grange, with individual students excelling to meet or exceed their targets.  A few key points from our examination results are as follow: 

  • 26% of our students achieved 1 A*-A grade at Key Stage 4. 
  • Progress in English GCSE is significantly above the national average.
  • Our average vocational grade at Key Stage 5 was a low distinction. 

You can read more about our exam results and some other reminders about changes to the way we work in our Exam Edition newsletter by clicking here.  It was great to welcome so many of our students back this September and we wish those who moved on to college or university well in the future.   

I would like to take this opportunity to thank parents and guardians in ensuring that students were ready for the new term with the correct uniform and equipment, looking very smart and ready to learn.  We do appreciate the effort families have put into getting uniform for students, particularly in the sixth form where places were only confirmed at the last minute.

Sixth Form

Finally, I would like to report that later this year we will be re-launching our school website.  We are working hard to create a site which better reflects the ethos of the school, serves our community and which celebrates the strengths and achievements of our students & staff.  We will keep parents informed about the progress of this job as the launch date approaches.  

We look forward to working with you through the remainder of this year.

Mr Bell - Headteacher

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